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step-by-step instructions

The basic creative rules are simple:

1. Do not disparage others
2. No sex, gambling, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, firearms or alcohol advertising
3. Basic clean creative standards. Please fit within the look of the site.

The technical rules are also simple:

1. Ad can be a gif, jpg, png or swf rich file.
2. Ad must be delivered in correct physical size
3. Ad can be no larger than 60k without special permission. Please contact support@pbs.net for any additional or special requests.

Step 1:
Create your account and choose your ad size and page placement (each ad unit is purchased individually) either from the bonaire.org website or from pbs.net/bonaire.html.

step 2:
Send your creative unit as an email attachment to creative@bonaire.org for approval and placement. Be sure to identify your property/business, the landing page for your ad (or where the ad should link), contact information and the purchased position in the body of the email. Your account will be charged a one-time non-refundable US$5.00 setup fee for each unit purchased, or whenever you wish to modify your creative, and your first month's subscription.

step 3:
When your ad is approved (within 48 hours) you will receive an email notification of acceptance. Your ad will be placed on the page you selected and will run in position rotation based on your creative unit.
If your creative is rejected for not meeting the criteria listed above, you will be notified by email with clear instructions and recommendations for passing the creative review. You'll have another opportunity to resubmit the creative. If your creative is rejected a second time your initial subscription fee will be forfeit and your subscription cancelled.

step 4:
Your creditcard will be charged monthly based on the unit size(s) purchased. Your subscription is auto-renewing until you decide to cancel through your account control panel accessed through pbsnet.recurly.com. Enter your email address and your password. There you can edit your payment information, change your subscription and/or cancel at anytime. Once you cancel, your ad will run to the end of your current paid monthly period, and then the space will be released with no further obligation. If your credit card is rejected by the payment system you will be notified by email and given options for correcting the situation.

PBS.net can reject any ad for any reason at any time. Your sole recourse will be a crediting of the unused portion of that months advertising for the ad in question. See full Terms and Conditions.

Prices can change at any time unless a special promotion is in place at the time of the initial subscription. Existing advertisers will be notified of any pending subscription fee increase by email at least 60 days prior to the date of implementation.

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